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Sorry I’ve been remiss in contributing anything to this blog in a while.  I’m much chagrined to see my tumblarity (whatever that is) literally tumbl.  But Carson and I just quickly wanted to set the record straight on these books we’re working on.

As you may or may not know, my lovely wife has spent the last several years carving a tidy career for herself out of illustrating kids books. This began when she was approached by an editor who claimed, in the charming argot of the book publishing world, she believed that Carson “had a book in her.”  After a hasty scrum over sushi, the story of a talking cat in 1920s Butte Montana emerged and began its life of being perpetually put on farther back burners and graffiti-ing our wikipedia pages.  This book, I’m proud to say, is finally having its day at bat (sorry, sports fans, for the improper brandishing of sports-metaphor) and Carson is working on the story-boarding as we speak.

This story is totally separate from the other project, “The Unfortunate Demise of Whitley Rackham,” which owes its existence to a (admittedly pretty nerdy) Halloween party that was thrown by a friend in, like, 2002.  Everyone was instructed to write a ghost story to read at the party.  My humble contribution was this story about Whitley Rackham, a veteran of the Great War (2002 was a big year for WWI in my brain) and the ghosts (literally and figuratively) that followed him home.  Our good friend Rebecca at Stumptown Printers suggested a collaboration; we proffered “The Unfortunate Demise” and Carson set about providing illustrations for the story.  This will see publication as a very short run of likely gorgeous letterpressed copies, as only Stumptown Printers can do.

As it’s our nerdy fancy to hobble into our dotage collaborating on books together, expect to see more such projects from Carson and I in the future.

Thanks for your time.

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